There are literally hundreds of reasons why I’ve chosen SISEL International to be My Network Marketing Home!

I’ll be adding to this list as SISEL and I continue the Network Marketing Journey… : )

Let’s begin in no particular order…

1) Leadership – When ever you have a successful organization you have a strong leader at the helm. This may be a church, sports team, girls scouts or business and SISEL is no exception with founder Tom Mower leading the way. Tom Mower spent over 100 million dollars before a single distributor kit or product was sold. That spoke volumes to me. How about you?

2) Financial Strength – SISEL  International is a powerhouse with all the growth still ahead. SISEL did not start out small and hope to grow. SISEL started out Massive and is exploding like a raging fire with all the resources, innovation, experience and momentum that you’d expect from Billionaire and Founder Tom Mower.

3) Products – SISEL owes the largest network marketing manufacturing facility of it’s kind in the world. The facilty iis more than 440,000 square feet.

4) Daily Pay – SISEL Pays Fast Start bonuses everyday of the week. I  believe that a fast start bonus should be Paid Fast! What about YOU?

5) People – I love the our GLOBAL TAKE OVER TEAM! I’m honored to work with some of the most amazing and inspirational people you could ever meet from all around the globe. I love that I can choose whom I work with! Would YOU like to choose who YOU work with?

6) Compensation – The SISEL Partner are reward for their efforts and that of the efforts of the dynamic team that they build. We get to choose how large we will grow our team and that means that we can serve as many people as we’d like with our Vastly Superior Products.

7) Vastly Superior Products

8) Dynamically Compressed Uni-level – Uni-level compensation plans are widely considered to be the most fair around the world for the distributors and the companies that they represent. Why I Avoid Binary Compensation Plans and you probable should too!

9) Luxury Auto Program

10) Check Match Bonus

11) Rank Advance Bonuses

12) Heath And Wellness

13) Weight Loss

14) CoffeeSISEL Kaffe arguable has the best tasting most healthy coffee in the world. Weight Loss Support Coffee too!

15) Best MLM Product Ever

16) Thermogenic Fat Burning Tea – SISEL Kaffe Te is a Thermogenic Fat Burning Tea! 

17 ) SISEL Manufacturing – by saving around 400% on traditional manufacturing costs SISEL can provide a vastly superior product to the end consumer for an incredible price.


Take Massive Action And Your Success Is Certain!

“Action is the real measure of intelligence.”

~Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich ~

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To Your Network Marketing Success!

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