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Multi-level marketing consultants that sponsor know what why is and when to ask for it? What why? When why? I’ll get to that. Multi-level marketing is a long term teaching and mentoring business. You must build long term relationships to have long term success.

That is why you must know your consultants why? Their why is the reason they must build a multi-level marketing business no matter what? Your consultants why can’t be money. It must be larger than money.

It can be the things that money can buy, but it doesn’t have to be. It must be their why and not yours.



Multi-level Marketer’s that recruit rarely know or care what the new recruits why is. They just hope the recruit makes it on their own. Network marketers that sponsor know exactly what their new consultants why is and how they are going to assist them long term.

The recruiter will ask the new recruit to start recruiting friends and family right away. Yikes! This is a mistake. Without the proper preparation and approach this is often a rough start. Many new recruits will quit shortly after a negative experience unless they know what they are doing and why?

Multi-level marketer’s that sponsor prepare new consultants so they feel good about approaching friends and family. The new consultant knows how to present their new business and why. They will still have negative experiences.

We all do. However, with proper preparation your new consultant will learn from the experience and move forward.

Remember, sponsor new consultants and find out what their why is first. Their why shall tell you the reasons they must build.

Consultants with strong reasons know what they are willing to give up and the price they’ll pay. Mentor and teach new consultants and you will build a life time of residual income. Go! Go! Go!

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