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Supernatural MLM Training

Supernatural MLM Training

Multi-level marketing and the supernatural has cause thousands of people to have false hopes and unrealistic dreams about their multi-level marketing opportunity and the MLM profession. I’ve watched over the years as good people are lured into evil companies because of impressive marketing.

It’s easy to make false promises that appeal to ones desires.

Too many MLM companies are mixing lies with the truth.  Many are just lying.

They can’t deliver on the lies they make. Do you know something else that mixes lies with the truth?

Beware of multi-level marketing companies that market with false hopes, dreams and exaggerated claims.

The marketing claims often state that you never have to talk to people, advertise, recruit, sell, buy, or do much of anything.

They just ask that you to join with your hard earned money and tell you that you’ll be rich. That is simply not true?

Hey, what do they need you for? That’s correct! Your money!

That’s not how multi-level marketing works.

Multi-level marketing was designed for people to build a business over three to five years,  part time while building up a residual income to replace their full time income.

Next, they are  able to leave the insecurity of their job because they have full time income with part time hours.

This allows freedom.

Freedom doesn’t come without a price.

MLM Success Tips

MLM Success Tips

Too many evil companies lie about what is required.

Would you like to know what is required and the multi-level marketing catch?

Multi-level marketing requires working smart and simple telling the truth.

It’s easier to tell the truth and work smart and hard. It’s not hard to work hard.

You must sponsor new people into your organization and teach them how to market your opportunity and products.

All successful organizations must sponsor new people.

Joining a network marketing organization that can assist you with marketing and sponsoring is priceless because multi-level marketing is a teaching and mentoring business.

You must teach people what to do and how to do it!

Join one multi-level marketing company that has teachers and mentors that tell the truth.

Plan on staying for several years and passing on the systems and knowledge you gain. Become the leader that you seek and over time you’ll build lifetime relationships along with life time residual income.

Would you’d like to turn your yearly income into your monthly?

MLM Recruiting Secrets

MLM Lifestyle Secrets!


Don’t become a jumper junkie and use the power of one.

If you want something you’ve never had, you must be prepared to do something you’ve never done.

Don’t hope and dream that it will be done for you. It won’t!

Don’t buy into the lies that claim someone will do it for you.

Too often I  see good people join the companies that I’m warning you about.

Next, they  start making the same lies because that is what they are taught.

Lying will not bring you the long term success you desire.

You’re in the wrong opportunity if you’ve been told that? Do not stay to your detriment.

Build your business opportunity by doing what is required. Join one opportunity that has a product that makes our world a better place because you’re here to serve others.

Remember to earn the unnatural and enormous incomes you’ve heard about you’re going to have to use up all of your natural ability so that the supernatural can kick in.

The people who serve the most, make the most. Serve the people and the money will follow.  I know you’ll do the right thing!  Go! Go! Go!

Take Massive Action And Your Success Is Certain!

Attraction Marketing System
 To Your Network Marketing  Success!

Jeffrey Kistner

“The Network Marketer with Integrity Plus!”

(321) 205 -7865

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Jeffrey About Jeffrey
Jeffrey was introduced to network marketing over 20 years ago with a burning desire to make it happen. He remembers struggling to earn with leaders that had recruit them all attitudes and see who sticks. Jeffrey became the leader he and others were seeking. He knew that the Network Marketing Profession was really a teaching and mentoring business and that people should be sponsored by leaders who care and are giving of their time to assist those sincere about change. Today Jeffrey mentors Network, Affiliate and Internet Marketers using the most current concepts, skills and techniques to assist them in reaching Income, Business, Spiritual, Health and Personal Goals. Jeffrey says: "Slap The Guru!" because he's not sitting on the sidelines charging people for outdated advice. Jeffrey is currently building a Gigantic Health and Wellness MLM that has all ready been called the number one home based business in the world by the worlds largest MLM Magazine "The Obtainer"! "Continue The Journey And Your Success Is Certain!" ~Jeffrey Kistner ~

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