Successful internet multi-level marketers own several domain names.

They know that it’s their virtual pieces of real estate on the internet. Many domain names are worth thousands of dollars and some have sold for over one million dollars.

Today people have made entire businesses out of buying, selling and trading domain names.

They have become valuable assets. I’m not suggesting that you get into the domain name business.

I’m suggested that you purchase your Own Domain Name.

I believe that everyone should own a few domains.

Owning your own domain gives you credibility and the ability to host your own websites along with custom emails and more.

Everyone knows you’re the new person on the internet when you have a replicated site address that’s followed by a series of numbers or code.

I’m often asked what a good domain name would be? Well, that depends on what your going to use it for.

First, try to choose a domain name that’s unique and memorable, relevant to your business or organization and reflects your style.

Is your own name available?

I believe in branding myself first and you should too! The MLM Company that you work with is doing their own branding and you need to do yours.

You can work together to promote each other. Purchase your own name and if not available try buying a domain with your name in it.

Here are three examples of domains that I’ve purchased.

Check to see if Your Name is available:
If not? Go for names like these:

If you have a common name chances are it’s already taken.

You can  search here to find out if your name is available. After you purchase your domains.

I would purchase your own hosting or direct the new name to your


Blog simply means Web Log and Vlog  means Video Blog.

However, for the internet network marketer a Blog can be so much more.

Your Blog can be your central business hub that keeps your team updated on events, training, contest, incentive trips, rank advancements, sales tools, internet techniques, opportunity calls, webinars,video’s and more.

You can even monetize your blog. Make money with it!

For example you may want to ad some marketing banners along side your Blog or Vlog (Video Blog) like the ones you see to the right.

I only place ad banners that link to resources that I actually use.

Remember that a catchy domain name can be a valuable asset and that .COM commands more respect than .net .info .us and so on.

If you think of a cool name for a business, book, movie, program, website or anything else that your working on purchase it before someone else does.

Once a domain is sold it can only be bought from the owner. I hope that’s you!

You should consider getting domain names for your children before someone else with the same name does.

I recommend Web Mocker because they sell for less and have the latest in Blogging Technology.

What’s in your name?

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To Your Network Marketing  Success!

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Multi-level Marketing Companies And Potentially Harmful Soy

Potentially Harmful and Controversial Soy

Potentially Harmful and Controversial Soy

Multi-level Marketing Companies And Potentially Harmful Soy is causing a great deal of controversy throughout the network marketing industry.

Network marketing health and wellness companies are my favorite because when they do what’s right they can truly make the world a better place.

Many of the best health and wellness products in the world are purchased through millions of worldwide distributors.

I believe that many of these distributors are wonderful people who care about their families well- being. Unfortunately, they are often misled and lied to by the people they care about the most!

Many distributors don’t check out the exaggerated claims because they like and trust the person who invited them to use and distribute the products.

They didn’t join because the company is wonderful and the products are amazing and that they can make all the money they want. Maybe they can and maybe they can’t?

The number one reason they joined is because you asked them to! They figured that you’d already done your due diligence. Did You?

Dr. Mercola’s Comment: “85 Percent of Consumers Believe the Lies About Soy”

>>> Get Ripped Protein <<<

Network Marketing Companies And Potentially Harmful Soy claims

Soy Man Boobs?

Soy Man Boobs?

Many network companies distribute unsubstantiated soy claims to the masses through a variety of their own advertising pieces.

What I’m encouraging everyone to do is to read third party resources to verify the health claims because of the serious potentially harmful side effects concerning soy.

Soy products have been advertise by network marketing companies as being a healthy food to consume because they contain isoflavones recently deemed great for living a healthier lifestyle and building muscle.

However, what I found out was that the claims have not been documented through proper clinical trials and in many cases no clinical trails at all.

Here is a partial list of the negative controversial and potentially harmful soy claims that convinced me not to distribute for companies that praise soy:

1. Just 100 grams of soy mimics estrogen amounts equal to what’s found in a birth control pill and may send your testosterone levels straight down. This may be the reason that we have national commercials that are aimed at men suffering with low testosterone issues. Look out men!

2. Poor calcium bioavailability

3. Soy provides no benefits with respect to heart disease risk

4. Soy causes bladder cancer

5. Soy isoflavones during pregnancy increase breast cancer risk in female offspring

6. Soy linked to peanut allergy and increased risk for asthma

7. Soy inhibits iron absorption

8. High levels of cadmium in soy formula

9. Whole milk vs. soy beverage — asthma risk

10. Overall risks and benefits of soy assessed

Multi-level Marketing Companies And Potentially Harmful Soy Products Earn Big Money

Soy HarmfulMulti-level Marketing companies and potentially harmful soy products earn the big money because soy is cheap. It’s cheap to grow and the crops are huge.

Soy texture is very flexible so that it can easily be put into weight loss shakes and so forth. But, that doesn’t mean it should be.

For many it’s all in the name of profit. These companies could choose to use proven high quality ingredients that have little controversy. The reason they don’t is that profits would take a nosedive.

You have a choice now! Soy or no Soy? I think the softest pillow is a clear conscious.

There are a handful of companies that have chosen a decisively different approach.

They use the high quality ingredients and pay their distributors more. That’s right! You can distribute high quality products and earn more for the same effort!

It’s just silly to distribute a product that is potentially harmful. Don’t you agree?

Multi-level Marketing Companies And Potentially Harmful Soy Products Or Not?

No Soy HarmfulPotentially harmful Soy products are not going to be easy to get away from! But, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try and please don’t go running around selling soy shakes to your friends and family and telling them that they are good for them. You care about them right?

Soy is one of the many crops that is subsidized by the federal government in the United States.

That makes it super cheap and readily available! It’s estimated that more than sixty percent of the products in the supermarkets have some form of soy in them.

Please take a hard look at the science behind what’s causing a lot of the health challenges around the world.

Have you seen the rise in belly fat and man-boobs? I just threw out everything thing in my home containing soy because the risk just isn’t worth the potential rewards.

I know you’ll do the right thing! I am certainly not going to put anyone else in harms way to save or make a few bucks!

I know the truth now and you do too! What will you choose? I’ve chosen a network marketing company that pays it’s distributors more, and without the soy controversy!

Working with a Network marketing company that shares products people use everyday is a smart decision.

Contact me when your ready to make a change and do me a Quick Favor by Sharing  and Commenting below so that others can make an informed decision too!

To Your Network Marketing  Success!

Jeffrey Kistner

“The Network Marketer with Integrity Plus!”

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Do You Need Multi-level Marketing Online?

Multi-level Marketing Online

Multi-level Marketing Online

I’m constantly asked why I’m always promoting  multi-level marketing online.

However, I think what they’re really trying to ask is why I’m always promoting that thing.

The answer to both questions are simple. I love the MLM Profession and all it has to offer.

I’ve watched people build financial empires and I’ve watched others struggle.

The Network Marketing Profession will reward those who have a burning desire to succeed and put forth the effort required. You must treat this profession with respect.

Reasons You Need Multi-level Marketing Online!

1. You’ve been standing in the checkout line hoping that your card clears. (CRAZY!)

2. You’ve told your children that it cost too much. (Supply and Demand have determined the perfect price.)

3. Your car needs new tires, breaks, and more. (You don’t have the cash.)

4. You can’t pay for a vacation with cash. (No vacation fund.)

5. You’re not sure how you’re going to pay the Mortgage/Rent, Gas, Electric, Water, car and more. (Yikes!)

6. You don’t have three to six months of living expenses set aside. (No way!)

7. You don’t have a retirement fund. (It’s not properly funded)

8. You want to join a Multi-level marketing company online. (You don’t have $200.00 to $500.00)

9. You think moneys not important. (WRONG!)

10. Do you get the idea? (I pray so.)

But, But, But… Is It A MLM Pyramid Thing?

Please Enjoy This Short MLM Video!

Should You Join A Multi-level Marketing Company Now?

MLM Beyond Six Figures!

MLM Beyond Six Figures!

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions then you know it’s time to join a network marketing company.

Do not use any of the questions that you’ve answered yes to as a reason not to join.

Every question that you’ve answered yes to is another reason for you to join a MLM now.

Now is always the best time to lose weight , quit smoking, or say you’re sorry.

Starting a new business is not different. Joining right now is the solution to many of your challenges.

You should join now because there is no promise of tomorrow.

Thousands of people are turning to multi-level marketing online each day and millions have already left the J.O.B. (Just Over Broke).

Make a decision today that your going to become financial free.

Most people didn’t fail at the network marketing profession. They QUIT and there’s a huge difference.

I’ve talked with a lot of people about why they quit. Most were sick and tired of begging friends, family and coworkers to join them.

Today with the power to conquer the internet there’s no reason to recruit that way.

There’s an easy way to recruit people into your MLM Business Online without wasting your time and money chasing dead beat prospects and leads.

Best of all you can do this this rejection free. Click here to check it out!

Multi-level Marketing Online Is…

The Greatest Equalizer!

The MLM Profession doesn’t care if your a Man or Women, Green or Purple, Tall or Short, Fat or Thin, Genius or Prince/Princess not so bright.

The network marketing profession is looking for people with the burning desire to fight for their freedom and that don’t want to make decisions based on the lack money.

You’ve been multi-level marketing most of your life. Every time you’ve recommended a movie, restaurant, vacation destination or place to shop. You just didn’t get paid.

You probable didn’t realize that your recommendations were worth thousands of dollars and even Millions Over Time!

Well, you know now! So let’s get you paid for what you’ve been doing for free most of your life. Sound Good… Right?

Right now I’m building a massive MLM Company and I’m inviting you to join me. Learn More Here!

Multi-level Marketing Online Is For…

The Things In Life That Are Priceless!

Atrraction Marketing FormulaWhat would it be worth not having to drive to and from work during rush hour while breathing vehicle exhaust fumes from overly crowded roads?

What would it be worth to work from the comfort of your home?

What if you didn’t have to ask for time off to attend precious moments in life?

Moments like weddings, anniversaries and children’s after school events and even birthdays.

Many people can’t place a dollar value on precious moments with family and friends and that’s the reason they’re priceless.

Remember for everything in life that’s priceless there’s multi-level marketing online and for everything else there’s a J.O.B. Fight for your financial freedom! You’ll be glad you did.

The majority of people don’t know exactly where to begin and that’s the reason I’d like to show you how to use Goolgle and facebook to generate leads.

How to separate your hot prospects from the “suspects” and get paid to do it.

How to become the hunted, instead of the hunter and have prospects knocking down your door or calling you with credit card in hand to join you!

How To Get Leads and Prospects to Call YOU About YOUR MLM Business.

Click Here for FREE Access to this 10 day online recruiting bootcamp now!

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To Your Network Marketing  Success!

Jeffrey Kistner

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Is Online Multi-level Marketing Training for You?

Online Multi-level Marketing Training is the fastest and most convenient way to grow your business.

You’ll need to learn how to market your business, attract new prospects and recruit them. You should be doing Online Marketing in addition to Offline. After all, that’s where you found this information. Right?

Marketing your business off line is important too. It’s great for learning the fundamentals and remember fortunes have been made with the concepts and techniques taught offline too.

You should still learn the concepts and techniques that have made fortunes.

Many people believe by using the internet they can push a few keys and magical things will happen. Well, we may be marketing in internet land, but we’re not living in fantasy land.

The catch has always been hard work. But, it’s not hard to work hard.

The reasons that you can build an organization online quickly is that you can market to millions of people and target the ones who are interested in your MLM Opportunity.

You’re still going to have to call back the prospects and build a relationship with them. Multi-level marketing is a relationship business. The life time of residual income goes to those who build life time relationships.

MLM My Lead System Pro

MLM My Lead System Pro

There are so many resources in internet land and I know it can be confusing at times.  I recommend that you start with My Lead System PRO.

My Lead System Pro is the leading, cutting-edge educational platform engineered by the most successful entrepreneurs in network marketing today with one goal to provide network marketers with all the necessary tools, resources, websites, and ongoing training required to build a wildly Successful and Profitable Network Marketing Businesses.

I’ve been a member of MyLead SystemPRO for more then six year years and by joining my team you’ll have access to one on one Mentoring and Training with me along with exclusive private training that myself and my top team members host. These are often Live and Interactive.

Next, I recommend three free online training courses. The first is  Sponsoring Secrets Pro because you’ll need to learn how to sponsor people into your network marketing business effortlessly. This course will teach you how to sponsor as many as 28 people in 21 days. You’ll learn the psychology behind sponsoring.

Tube Traffic Mojo Secrets

Tube Traffic Mojo Secrets!

I also recommend Tube Traffic Mojo because You’ll discovered the 7 No-Cost Secrets to suck in over 14,000 Leads in just 8 Months for FREE that require ZERO technical ability and NO special equipment.

You’re going to learn how you can start getting upwards of 33 leads per day even if you’re shy, technically challenged or just plain scared of the camera. Sponsoring with video and over coming  objections with be easier then you ever thought possible.

Lat but not least I’m recommending 5K In 30 Days! because you’re going to need cash flow to stay and market your opportunity and this FREE 32 Minute Video reveals how 4 top earners would Make $5,000 in the Next 30 Days Online IF they had to start from scratch!

They teach you how to get working capital fast!

My goal is to assist you in becoming a successful multi-level marketer.  I write about multi-level marketing training often to help people avoid mistakes that I’ve made early in my career.  I’ve written two post that may assist you.

The first is Jumper Junkies and the second is The Power Of One.

I hope that you’ve find these posts helpful and that you’ll take action. I know that activity leads to more activity. Make it Happen!

Want A Mentor With Integrity? Email me at:

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To Your Network Marketing  Success!

Jeffrey Kistner

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Multi-level Marketing Success

Three Way Calling


Three Way Calling And Multi-level Marketing Success

Three Way Calling And Multi-level Marketing Success

Three way calling and multi-level marketing success go hand in hand.

The MLM three way call is simply getting the prospect that is considering your MLM opportunity on the phone with a third party to lend some additional credibility to you and your network marketing opportunity.

Have you ever heard “Three way or fade away”?

It simple means that those who are not consistently getting on three way calls are going to fade away.

You must be engaging in three way calls by initiating them and later receiving them.

Make MLM Three Way Calls

Or… They Fade Away


Make MLM Three Way Calls

Multi-level marketers tell me often how hard they are working and how they should be further along.

They are referring to the size of their team and their incomes.

I always ask them how many three way calls they’ve done? It gets real quiet because you can exaggerate the number of calls you’ve made and how many people you’ve invited to an MLM Opportunity presentation and even the number of people that you’ve asked you to join you in Business.

However, you can’t exaggerate the number of three ways calls you’ve been doing.

Three way calling is powerful because several dynamics are taking place at the same time. The new consultants are being trained to build an elite team by learning closing techniques live. That’s only second to doing it yourself. Yes! Your upline is going to ask for the order and you’re going to learn a lot. It doesn’t get any better than three way calling!

Successful Multi-level Marketers

Teach Three Way Calling

Multi-level marketers want and need duplication. Three way calling builds duplication quickly because you’re teaching the prospect and your newer distributor at the same time.

The two are both listening to a multi-level marketing expert. Three way calling is the easiest way to build your MLM Business.

Your upline is doing most of the work and you’re going to get all the recognition for the newly sponsored distributor and a nice fast start bonus check.

Three way calling is the perfect way to introduce the prospect to your opportunity and they’ll immediately know that it’s bigger than just you.

This is important because everyone wants to feel special and get involved with an opportunity that can assist them with there own dreams and desires.

After talking with your upline they’ll want to join.

Here’s three tips that will increase the number of people you sponsor while three way calling and they’ll keep your upline working with you.

1. Don’t ask the prospect for permission to add your upline to the call.

2. Edify your upline as you introduce them to your prospect.

3. After you introduce your upline please be quiet unless they ask you to speak.

4. Listen as your  upline gracefully answers their questions and then asks them to join you both in your MLM Opportunity.

Get Your Three Way Calling On!

And… MLM Success Is Yours!

MLM Three Way Call

MLM Three Way Call

Successful multi-level marketers do it now! Start three way calling right away and your success will be certain.

Your upline will do most of the work. Don’t worry about three way calling and perfection.

Don’t be afraid. Just get out there and mess it up.

You’ll have to be bad before you’re good and good before you’re great!

You and your upline can discuss what to do better next time.

MLM three way calling can be a tremendous amount of fun because your building relationships with the prospect and your upline at the same time.

Remember, it’s the lifetime relationships that equal a lifetime of residual income. Friends don’t leave friends.

Would you like to learn how to generate endless leads and instant cash for your network marketing business?

You’ll be able to do all the three way calling you desire. CLICK HERE!

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To Your Network Marketing  Success!

Jeffrey Kistner

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Simply CLICK HERE and start YOUR FREE 10-Day Online Prospecting Bootcamp and you’ll see what One Simple Website Can Do For YOU!

Everyone can learn to generate more traffic, leads and sales with video. Video is powerful when it comes to marketing and YouTube is no exception. You can’t afford to ignore YouTube anymore because it’s receiving over three billion views each day. Shouldn’t some of those views mean more business for you? They certainly can when  you begin to use the power of  YouTube and Video.

YouTube is the third most visited website and the number two search engine right behind Google. Google actually wants more content on rapidly growing sites such as YouTube. Part of the reason is that Google owns and loves YouTube. Therefore, you should consider turning your simple videos into more traffic for your site and more leads for your business. Perhaps that way you’ll be Google slap proof?

Today we are in the middle of a fundamental shift of how people find and share information on the Internet! Video is one form of content that you can’t afford to be with out! However, it’s often fear that stops people from achieving the success they deserve.

They get stressed out and are often told that the stress is not good and to take it easy. Wrong! The right kind of stress is good and will make you stronger. We apply stress to our bodies when we exercise and it does a body good. When we process and learn new things we go through periods of  stress. The brain responds by becoming stronger and more creative. I love that!

Learning YouTube and video marketing may cause a little stress because many people are fearful of the camera and don’t know exactly where to begin. That’s OK. Remember, you don’t have to upload and market anything until you’re ready. Many people relieve stress by learning exactly what to do and applying what they’ve learned.

Prepare and practice with a professional course. Video Traffic Academy is well done and will give you the knowledge you need to create a powerful video marketing strategy. They teach you how to create and develop your strategy, optimization and how to rank your videos for maximum exposure. Jump right in and begin to lay the foundation for video marketing success. Today is the best day to drive more traffic to your website. Go! Go! Go!

Click here to learn more about Video Traffic Academy

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Multi-level Marketing and Incetive Trips

People worldwide are overworked,  over taxed, underpaid and stressed out. People who are stressed out need to take a vacation from everything that’s causing them stress.

But, it’s not that simple. I just said that they are underpaid and overworked. How are they going to afford a great vacation? They need money to pay for the trip the time to take it.

Many people go on vacation by charging it on credit cards and other available lines of credit. When they return home from vacation they need a vacation from their vacation. It actually causes more stress and not just for a period of time. They return in a worse financial position then when they left and the bills are larger then ever.

Everyone should join a network marketing company for the incentive trips alone. Incentive trips are used by company’s to  get you motivated to sponsor more consultants which leads to more sales. The company grows the number of consultants and so did you.

The requirements to earn fancy incentive trips are very achievable and remember it’s not a contest so everyone who wants to earn the trip can. The company’s typically pays for everything and you’re on the trip with like minded people.

Spending time with other successful like minded people assists you with ypur self improvement goals. Many people who attend incentive trips actually make more money when they return. You’ll never want to miss an incentive trip. They are simply too much fun to miss. Go for it!

Last year I was in France, Italy and Spain all paid for by the company I represent.  I will remember the trip for the rest of my life and returning home with zero new debt and no stress is priceless.

This year I was in Los Cabos Mexico. Here’s a video of me showing off the suite and magnificent views. Also, I’m interviewing April Tucker a network marketing rock star taking it easy.

Join a network marketing company today and enjoy some of the perks…

Are you looking for a mentor? Email me at:

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To Your Network Marketing  Success!

To Your Network Marketing  Success!

Jeffrey Kistner

“The Network Marketer with Integrity Plus!”

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The reasons people like multi-level marketing are numerous and often personal. However, there are several reasons that people like multi-level marketing more today than ever. Multi-level marketing is just word of mouth marketing and is considered by many to be the best type of marketing. Word of mouth marketing is simply recommending others an opportunity or product that you believe will benefit them. We all make recommendations on a regular basis. However, it’s  not very often that people are paid for the recommendations they make.

Today more people are learning that their recommendations are worth thousands of dollars and perhaps millions when recommending the right opportunity and products. They are learning that if they put forth the same effort they do everyday at work that it’s possible to live the lifestyles of the rich and famous with out being chased by the paparazzi.

People enjoy the freedom associated with being their own boss, low start up cost, tax advantages, residual income,incentive trips, no overhead, no set office hours, zero employees, zero office politics, zero dress code and the best opportunity and products the world has to offer. So what’s the catch? Hard work that you’re already doing for someone else. Really? Yes! It’s that simple. Decide to build your dream life today as if there’s no tomorrow.

People like multi-level  marketing because they can help others with challenges with their daily lives and today people are over worked, making less money and carrying a tremendous amount of stress. Therefore, more people are open to learning about multi-level marketing opportunities and products that have been creating wealth and health for more than one hundred years. They are finding that they can put forth the same amount of effort they do at work into multi-level marketing and receive benefits that are significantly more rewarding and often priceless. Priceless? You decide.

What would it be worth not driving to and from work during rush hour while breathing vehicle exhaust fumes from overly crowded roads? What would it be worth to work from the comfort of your home? What if you didn’t have to ask for time off to attend precious moments in life? Moments like weddings, anniversaries and children’s after school events and even birthdays. Most people can’t put a dollar value on precious moments with family and friends and that’s the reason their priceless. Remember for everything in life that’s priceless there’s multi-level marketing and for everything else there’s a JOB. You must be loyal to the opportunity you choose. Fight for your financial freedom! You’ll be glad you did.

Are you looking for a mentor? Email me at:

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To Your Multi-level Marketing  Success!

Jeffrey Kistner

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How to lead with Multi-level Marketing

After I sponsor a new consultant into my Network Marketing Business I’m asked what to lead with.

The new consultant wants to know if they should lead with the opportunity or product. My answer is simple.

You should lead with you. People don’t join because you have the best product. They don’t join because your company is so wonderful.

They do join because they like and trust you.

They believe that you can help them achieve something that they could not accomplish on their own. Can you?

Network Marketers are excited and full of enthusiasm. They have positive mental attitudes about everything along with very lofty goals.

They are quickly moving upward and onward.  People want to join you because you are going places.

Everyone around you knows that you can bring them with you.

People want to be part of something special. Do you have something special?

Perhaps a network marketing opportunity or a product that others should know about? I do!

You must have a vision for your team and what you want to accomplish together.

People will join you! However, they will stay provided that you have the leaders, trainers, events and environment in place that they can live and grow with.

Don’t be secret agent. Go out and ask people to join you. After they say yes it’s time to tell them why you’re so excited. It’s time to become the leader that you seek. Go! Go! Go!

Are you looking for a mentor? Email me at:

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To Your Network Marketing  Success!


Jeffrey Kistner

“The Network Marketer with Integrity Plus!”

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